Must-Have Accessories Every Man Should Carry


Taking a few extra seconds to equip your pockets with these accessories will assure you are Gentlemen level prepared.

Pen: Every man should carry a pen with him. Nobody knows when you need it. How classy it looks when someone needs your signature and you take out your own…

Mints: Banish dreaded after-coffee breath with a strong mint. This tiny tin slides into your pocket and is a lifesaver when you‘re making important introductions.

Lip Balm: Always carry a lip balm with you. Whenever you feel your lips, dry, use lip balm and feel fresh. If you feel that there is a chance with the girl… use it. 

Card Holder: If you work in any professional capacity, chances are you have a business card. It deserves respect and so does the person you’re giving it to.

Handkerchiefs: Although handkerchiefs have a longstanding history of being used to blow your nose, mine rarely–if ever–comes out for that purpose. I’m joking. A handkerchief is useful for many things.

Leave home without stashing your wallet in your back pocket? You’d never.