Mumbai Cafés That’ll Make Your Insta Feed Look Amazing


The most cosmopolitan city in India, Mumbai also has the most diverse food culture. From streetside vada pavs to authentic sashimi and everything in between, there are several quaint cafeterias located in Aamchi Mumbai. Now, the list which I have created for social media influencers, primarily for Instagrammers. So pick up your phone ready and head to these picture-perfect joints in Mumbai.

1. Grandmama’s Café, Juhu

Grandmama’s Café is your typical cutesy cafe that is done up in pastel colours and has huge Dutch windows. With a European feel to it and huge sofas with cute floral prints, it is a must-visit place. One-click at this café, and you are sure to get flooded with likes on your Instagram.

2. Light House Café, Worli

One of the most significant issues for a photographer is getting the perfect lighting for a particular shot. Light House Café provides you with that. Inclusion of bright yellow lights and wooden furniture, the café makes for a great photography location. Upload it on your Instagram handle to get liked by scores of followers.

3. Prithvi, Juhu

This open-air cafe surrounded by gorgeous trees, bamboo and plants have been home to tourists as well as many regulars. It’s an all-time favourite place for artists to meet up and brainstorm their ideas or in an otherwise bustling city, to sit and read in peace.

4. Tamasha, Lower Parel

Talk about beautiful restaurants with an out-of-the-box décor and Tamasha at Lower Parel will pop into your mind. This restaurant has hundreds of lights hanging down from the ceiling, making it a sight to behold. Moreover, it makes for the perfect background for your Instagram pictures.

5. Bombay Brasserie, Worli

Nothing beats the combination of two colors and Bombay Brasserie scores on this colour code. The bar interiors are aesthetically pleasing, and the wooden table adds a rustic touch to it. Garner some fantastic shots at this restaurant before who satiate your hunger pangs with their modern Indian food.