Movies That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust


The millennial generation has adapted travelling dearly, I think that’s one of the best traits of our generation. Free like a bird, not tied to one place, it helps to explore the unending possibilities that all the different places have to offer. Sometimes, we need that kick of motivation that inspires us to move, for me these movies did the trick.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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Ben Stiller announced to the world that he is not just a comedian, he has such a vivid vision of life and the meaning behind even the small things. This movie takes us to places with a perception that joy can only come if you keep your life moving.

Into The Wild

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If you’ve not seen this movie, then you’ve not seen the best of cinema. A man travelling alone quitting his life in the city is one of the most courageous actions one can take. Based on the life of Christopher McCandless, this movie will certainly change you for good.

Midnight in Paris

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Directed by Woody Allen Midnight in Paris captures the true beauty of Paris. A writer who travels time at midnight meets his favourite writers from history. The movie is truly majestic. The notions in the film open so many doors for you to expand your vision.

Forrest Gump

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I think Forrest Gump is the most unique movie of all time. It is so original that you can’t help but to love and live every minute of it along with Forrest. Forrest Gump has everything a movie needs. Action, adventure, emotions, drama, and comedy.