Movie Review: My Take On Article 15


Starring Ayushmann Khurana and Sayani Gupta, Article 15 talks about a subject that we are all very familiar with. In one of the scenes, you see a man emerge from a dirty manhole, with filth still stuck to him like a second skin. This scene is so strategically placed in the movie that no explanation was necessary. You could feel the ghastliness of it.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, this movie hooks you right from the start. Keeping the sensitivity of the issue intact, Sinha gives us a visual of a society so different from the one we live in. It will make you squirm and question the caste system that is still present in our country. This movie takes us places that we have all been sheltered from.

Unlike some movies, Article 15 doesn’t give you space to imagine anything. Sinha shows us the truth, the rigidity of our caste system. It is based on shocking Badaun rapes in Uttar Pradesh, where two young girls were found hanging from the tree.

Ayushmann Khurana plays a police officer, Ayan Ranjan, who is educated and well-travelled. For someone who has seen the world with modern eyes, the stumble into an entirely different world leaves him baffled. Throughout the movie, we also see that he is going through some struggles of his own. I might sound biased but Ayushmann is superb.

One point that truly stands out for me is that this was a courageous film. It gives us the hard truth. Sayani Gupta also plays her part to perfection. In fact, each character stands out and this movie stays with you. Movies like these are important. We might not be able to change society in a day, but it is a great start.