Mouthwatering Foods To Eat In The Rainy Season


Monsoon is one of our favorite seasons. It is the ideal season because the temperature is just perfect, not extremely hot, not overly cold. With such pleasant weather all around, it engages you to feel enjoy eating something that pairs with the climate.

Corn aka Bhutta is nothing but corn stick that cooked over a common coal smoke to give it a burnt flavor. It is then topped with some tangy masala made from black pepper, salt, red chili powder, and lemon juice to give you a mix of all the flavors. The taste of eating this hot bhutta in the rainfall is worth experiencing.

It’s an all-time favorite among Indians, but it feels better during the rainy period. A blend of sweet and green chutney just adds to the thrill.

The pleasure of having sizzling hot pakoras on the pavement side while the showers are pouring down on the city is sublime. The hot fried chilies that come with it along with the chutneys make the comprehensive experience great. Combine this with some ‘Cutting Chai’ to grant you the complete monsoon feeling.

This is one drink that beats all the others in the monsoon, and whether you are resting on the streets or inside a building, the combo of rain and tea will enhance your mood and give you a very relaxed feeling.

The duo of hot aloo paratha and cold curd gives you a rewarding yet contrasting flavor, which when fused with the refreshing breeze and mist droplets hitting your face is nothing short of amusing.