Most Visited Hill Station Of Madhya Pradesh: Pachmarhi


Pachmarhi, the only hill site of one of the most visited travel destinations in India, Madhya Pradesh. There are some remarkable and fascinating places to see in Pachmarhi – mysterious caves, ancient places of worship, and silvery waterfalls. I’ve gathered some of the places in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh that you’ll leave with a bag full of fascinating memories and some incredible pictures.

Pandava Caves is one of the finest places to see in Pachmarhi. With the scenery of spectacular Satpura ranges, Pandava cave is a meet of 5 rock-cut Buddhist shrines. Mythological sources acknowledge that these shrines were presented to five Pandavas for refuge during their exile period, hence the mention. Built-in the 9th century, these shrines are embellished with exquisite sculptures and carves.

Dhoopgarh is another popular tourist place in Pachmarhi. At an altitude of 1352 meter, this site is the loftiest place of Satpura mountains and is acknowledged for most photogenic sunrise and sunset vistas.

At an ascent of 1326 mt, Chauragarh Temple is another holy place to vacation in Pachmarhi. Surrounded by spectacular cliffs and lush plains, this age-old shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva. Devotees need to climb 1300 steps to enter this divine place, which includes the main temple, a dharamshala, and a natural pond.

Satpura Ranges, the wildlife park is among the liveliest places to visit near Pachmarhi. It is an enormous and pristine national park sprawling over 202 sq miles.

Pachmarhi is enriched with many spectacular waterfalls, and Bee Falls is unquestionably one of the most beautiful ones. Popularly known as Jamuna Prapat, this is one of the most prominent tourist places to look at in Pachmarhi. Bee Falls is noted for supplying water to the entire Pachmarhi town.