Most Memorable Movie Opening Scenes


All my excitement of watching a movie is satisfied when an opening scene is something unexpected and out of the league. There are some legendary directors who shot unforgettable opening sequences that change the course of the history of cinema.

An opening scene sets the tone for a film and it has to make some impact to keep the audience focused and thrilled. These are the movies which perfectly delivered that.

Saving Private Ryan

The most intense opening sequence ever. The epic scale invasion of the D-day on the beaches of Normandy, France has shot so realistically that WWII veterans walked out saying the scene reminded them of their fallen brother and was too similar to that day.

The Dark Knight

Introduction of the Joker through a heist and carnage was just the beginning of his sinister saga. Heath Ledger’s entrance was terrifying and impressive. “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stranger.


The unforgettable and eye-opening monologue where Evan McGregor is being chased And getting hit by everything in his way. The symbolic representation that people run away from themselves was enough to say it was a great movie.

Inglorious Bastards

The four-minute suspense where “The Jew Hunter”, Col. Landa spots a hiding family beneath the floor and the bloody aftermath of it keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Apocalypse Now

The darkest movie with the darkest opening scene. As Vietnam burns through a barrage of bombs, ‘The End,’ by The Doors plays in the background, and Captain Willard is seen drinking himself to a wreck while on the verge of losing his mind.