Morbius Trailer Looks Worse Than Venom


The trend of villain origin stories is a successful one, look at The Joker, the first-ever comic book movie to be nominated for 11 Oscars, and it looks that Joker will win most of them. MCU has been a bad place for villain origin stories. Venom was a disaster, even though it made money, but it was a terrible film. Even Tom Hardy couldn’t save the poor production project.

When Jared Leto signed on to do a stand-alone Morbius movie, we had high hopes. The first trailer for the film was released and it looks like another imminent failure. Jared is out of form, the script looks quite obvious, which should not be the case. Each successful Marvel movie delivered something original and unexpected, this is how they went ahead in the rivalry with DC.

The story of Morbius is the same old one, a scientist is dying suffering a rare blood disease, he must take the unprecedented and dangerous risk to find a cure for others, how heroic. But, the cure gives birth to a bloodthirsty monster, Dr Michael Morbius is a living vampire.

The most surprising element of the trailer was Michael Keaton, his presence made it clear why Spiderman returned to MCU, they are creating a whole franchise of the Spiderverse, it is a good strategy, I am most likely to follow these films and so will other fans. The film will be released on July 31, 2020. I am lowering my expectations, I don’t want to be disappointed.