Moneyball: What To Learn From The Champion Philosophy


Moneyball is one of my favourite films. I have watched it more than ten times, and each time I learn something new. The movie remains my favourite but the reasons why it is my favourite changes as I grow up. At first, I loved how Billy bean (Bradd Pitt) built a team out of nothing and made the World Record, such an inspiring tale it was.

The second time I watched the movie, I realized it is more than just a triumphant tale of from ashes to glory. It is a technically brilliant movie which correctly reiterated the equation of how baseball can be more than just a game of hunches and big-budget stars.

The films teach a lot about executing a plan in a manner that everyone remains on the same page. A team must move like a single organism with the same purpose, but each player must play a different role like organs in a body. Moneyball is one of those few films that give resourcefulness a whole new meaning.

Coming on to leadership. Learning from failure and improving amid constant criticism was the key to Billy Beane and Peter Brand’s (Jonah Hill) collaboration. Moneyball is the philosophy of understanding the collective value of undervalued individuals in comparison with Sluggers who are overvalued.

Based on the true story of Billie Bean and the Oakland Athletics team, Moneyball is a must-watch for young folks who are trying to learn leadership, strategizing and are in search of true inspiration.