Modern Marvel Of Travancore: Kochi


Kochi, and in specific, the historic section of Kochi, sees to be my favorite place in Kerala. If you’re planning out a trip to Southern India you should surely read my experience through your minds to perceive this epic city.

Kochi is the land where culture and imagination meet and is likewise the commercial capital place of Kerala. Recently, the following of this excellent city has shot up to a higher level with the establishment of metro rails and strolling tourists. So what is the finest way to explore Kochi?

This place is a Queen of Arabian Sea. Kochi boasts Asia’s biggest shopping mall, Lulu and water theme park, Wonderla. But these are not just the ranks that serve as the central interest, as tourists, I quite appreciated the novelty of this city and searched the unseen facet of environment and living.

The spirit of Kochi tourism is based in Fort Kochi, where the remains of colonial rule lie. Chinese fishing nets in the scenery of setting sun are wonderful to watch here. Strolling to the shores and seafood cuisines prepared by various restaurants running along the shores reveals a considerable amount of adventure.

Along the banks of the Cochin backwaters, the key tourist interests are placed where the visitors can make a visit. Although Kerala has extensive areas of backwaters, the Kochi backwaters are the best as it can provide the view of the contours of Kochi city in just one trip.