Why Is Minority Report One of The Most Intense Crime Thrillers Ever


It is April 2054, and murders are the thing of the past in Washington DC. Thre precrime unit is a special police unit that arrests criminals minutes before they attempt to commit a murder. This unusual feat is achieved through the visions of the future of three mutated girls collectively named as Precogs. The precogs get visions of murders of people, and they alert the system which initiates the hunt for the future killer.


The manhunts are aided by Optical recognition system installed throughout the city. The FBI is planning to launch the system of Precogs nationwide, but something unusual and dangerous happens which sets a chain of motions that could destroy the entire credibility of precogs.

Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise), the captain of the Precrime unit is previsualized by the Precogs as committing a murder. John knows he doesn’t intend to commit any crime, so he fleas, initiating the greatest and most intense manhunt. What John discovers in his journey to prove himself innocent shakes the entire nature of reality.

I couldn’t move an inch from my seat when I saw the film. It is cringing, futuristic, and executed by the genius mind of Steven Speilberg. When you are in the mood for some intense action and drama, do watch Minority Report.