Mindhunter Season 2 Review


Almost after 22 months, David Fincher’s Netflix serial killer drama has come back for the second period of creepy interrogations, significant conversations, and solid performances. Easily, one of the best shows ever by Netflix.

Netflix’s true-crime drama shines an intense light into a serial killer’s perceiving. While it is clear to imagine serial killers as deranged evil intelligence, who monomaniacally plans, murder, and coat up their misdeeds to evade the law enforcement, Mindhunter showed us there are a structure and meaning to what we may reject as mania.

Serial killers are nobody but a body of morbid fascination. For David Fincher, they are objects of a course-long examination he feels invariably obsessed in the individual condition and how evil can embody in anybody. 

This part of Mindhunter seeks to lead us closer to these evil humans in this part and explain what prompts their malignant narcissism, their baronial sense of self-worth, and their utter contempt towards their suffering.

The second season further includes pieces of horror and true evil to the stir. If the first season was more method, now it’s more practical because the Behavioral Science Unit gets more attentive. 

Once again, the actions never feel gratuitous and ruthless like you would predict in a drama about serial killers. As the analysis expands significantly in course, the dread of the crimes, the volatile style of evil and the mournful pall hanging over a civil capital in the restraint of worry, alone becomes more noticeable.

Verdict: Mindhunter 2 is one of the best series of Netflix.