Millennials Are Not Taking Any Vacations Because Of This Hurting Reason


It is widely known that Millennials are the most worked and most underpaid generation of all time. Still, the older generations judge us like we are lazy narcissists. Well, I’ve got news for you, amid the student loans, low salary, and hefty bills; we barely manage to make it through the month. Half of the Millennials work on a small salary to gain experience to climb the ladder of a flourishing career and a contented family life.

On top of everything, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Swiggy, and whatnots take the remaining of our savings. In conclusion, we stayed deprived of the much needed spiritual detox. For those students who didn’t get into big collages like IIT and IIM, getting placed is a whole another fight. The economy is also not supporting us to save enough to travel, except for home on Diwali.

We have to keep that in mind that even if we save a bit of the money, we won’t get paid for the days we take off. All the traveling we do is mostly work-related, and we have to find our solace amid the meetings.

I’ve found one solution to this issue. Travel near where you live to make the most of the weekend. There are plenty of affordable hotel services like Oyo and Airbnb, which will enable you to have a pleasant stay, and you’ll be able to spend money on the right things and experiences. If you are really into traveling, then take a work from home job and become a digital nomad.