Millennials, AI, and The New Era of Hotel Experience


Millennials value traveling, be it business or vacation to be a part of their growth. Vacations are not just about an escape today, Millenials want their stay to resonate with their lifestyle. The evolution of the hotel industry from traditional to boutique and lifestyle is the courtesy of this tech-savvy generation. This generation is populated with resourceful travelers, which is why Airbnb is their first choice.

In this era of fast streaming and binge-watching, guests hate to wait for responses. 56% of the Millenials switched business from at least one company in the past year due to poor customer service. 66% of the Millenials avoid face-to-face interaction with a real person to receive a service, and 72% believe a phone call is not the best way to resolve a service issue. To meet the needs of these tech-friendly guests hotels have changed their design, amenities, and customer service experience.

Hotels must understand through what means the Millenial segment wants to engage with the brand. What actually do they prefer? The answer lies in smart devices. Millennials use a smartphone for everything. From booking the room to ordering food, and posting a hotel review. They want to text their demand, complaints, and praises. Why not give them a platform on which they get a faster response. The best trait of this generation is that they are open to experimenting with intelligent devices such as voice assistants, Chatbots, and even robots.

The adaptation of artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled devices in creating such impersonal, fast, and least dependent experience will gain you more and more guests of this “do it yourself” generation.

AI-powered talk-back concierge devices like Roxy and Alexa plus smart concierge apps are catering to the demands of the guests in full. Want extra towels? Say it out loud to these smart concierges. Wi-Fi signal is weak ping the chatbot. Want to discover new and hip restaurants nearby? Ask the smart device. The response will come in a second.  AI enables it to interpret guests’ needs by context, preferences, and prior requests. These devices return relevant answers and can illuminate the guests about the offers too. Thus enabling the staff to handle much more complicated requests. These devices and apps have a simple user interface so that not only Millenials but all guests can use them. If a service takes a long time to be fulfilled, like the preparation and delivery of food to the room. Smart devices will ping the status alerts until the request of demand is fulfilled, thus keeping the guest patient and satisfied.

The Hotel staff also need to understand that smart concierge devices are to make their jobs easier, not to replace them. These seamless assistants are only a medium for interaction between the guests and the hotel staff. 

The customers shape any company’s future and the quality of customer service will determine the loyalty of your guests. The Millenials want a frictionless engagement and a rich experience in their stay. Deliver and drive your hotel revenue and reviews upwards.