Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth Is Awesome


If you are not a gamer, you’ve not played the right games. Call us nerds or lazy, but when given a console and a controller, we can lay waste to your world. Be it Call of Duty, Arkham City, or any FIFA game; I am a champion because I am the master of my craft. I usually play videogames three hours a day on my PC. I have a gaming computer, and I used to play with basic controllers that were very cheap.

I saved up to buy an Xbox One controller and purchased it last week from Amazon. I wanted to buy a wireless controller, it was a bit expensive than the wired one, but it gives you the freedom to move your hands and play from a considerable distance.

The box of the Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth was simple, pure, and useful. The controller is a bit heavy as you need to add batteries to the controller. The batteries come with the controller. The first game I played with the Controller was Batman Arkham city as it was the best way to determine its efficiency. I was able to make combo moves smoothly, the grip was quite comfortable and interaction seamless.

The vibration is amazing; if you are playing war games, you will truly feel the intensity through the vibration of the Xbox Controller. The new feature that I loved is that the controller has a 3.5 MM jack to plug in a headset for multiplayer online gaming. This is something I wanted in battle royale modes of war games.

The range of Bluetooth is excellent. I have tested it several times on several distances. I love every minute of the game, and I am sure that if you purchase the Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth, you will fall in love with it also.