Our hair needs special care in today’s enviornment. The hard water, the pollution, and our diets are not helping our cause to have good looking and healthy hair. We cannot go to the hair spa every other to take care of our hair. We need a solution that can be applied at home, which will save time.

I tried the mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Hair Mask and so far it has given me great results. The ingredients of the detox hair mask are incredible. They literally are what we should be applying to our hair. After the use, these were the differences I observed in my hair.

My hair didn’t feel dry anymore

The green tea extract present in the detox hair mask will prevent my hair from sun and UV damage, and the free radicals were detoxed. My hair felt least irritated bringing a calmness to my scalp. There was a cool shine in my hair after the usage.

My hair was moisturized

When I applied the mask, it felt soothing on my scalp. The mask was non-sticky, and it was effortless to apply. After the use, I felt like I came back from a hair spa, which is just incredible to feel by only utilizing one product.

How to apply?

The hair mask needs 20 minutes to work on your hair. You can put a hair cap or a towel to let your hair completely absorb the nutrients. The mask will stick to the hair follicles and strengthen them. After 20 minutes, wash your hair and rinse properly and see the difference in your hair.