Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Why It Is One of The Classic Speakers?

Marshall Stockwell II - Portable speakers

One of the things about Marshall is that they manufacture the best guitar amps in the market. But, hey I am here to talk about the speaker. You might have heard a lot about Marshall Kilburn II, but what’s so great about it? A lot of things. From illustrious design to boom-bap sound, everything you need in a Bluetooth speaker is provided to you by this classic. Yes, I will let you know what I didn’t like about this speaker, but there are a lot of things that cover it up.


When you look at different models offered by Marshall, including Stanmore and Acton, Kilburn is definitely the best in terms of portability. The Bluetooth speaker has a sturdy built with great on-board controller. You get separate options to manage volume, bass, and treble. The major difference from its predecessor is that instead amp-style flickable on/off switch, you get a power on/off button and the placement of AUX-in port is also changed.


Now, let me make this clear that this one will easily rock a big room. The sound quality can be altered with different bass and treble adjustments. The shimmering highs and the ultimate lows, make Kilburn II a perfect party companion.

With a frequency range of 62-20000Hz, you get a perfect response when playing bass heavy songs. Powered by 36 Watts, this speaker generates sound much more heavy than its size.

You get 20+ hours of playtime to support all your entertainment needs. With charging time of just four hours, this is a great speaker. Imma make it clear that this speaker will leave any guitar head crazy as you get the best output when playing those. You get to listen everything from hi-hats and snares to sound crisp and punchy bass.

Final Verdict:

If you are a music fanatic and love spending on quality music listening, then this is a must-have product for you. Grab your Marshall today!