Male Grooming Myths Exposed


The truths of grooming are usually a lot more nuanced than the overblown marketing campaigns that feed our perceptions. For every fact you’ve read, they have violated your ears with some fallacies or the other. We are your saviors for the day and this is Myth Busters: The Grooming Edition.

Shaving makes facial hair grow faster.

Facial hair growth is a pre-determined genetic influence. It will simply make your facial hair coming through healthily, which may appear thicker because it’s not damaged.

Stress causes grey hair.

The fact that stress causes grey hair is not true. Grey hair is caused by factors like genetics, ethnicity, and age. These are all unavoidable circumstances. Just relax.

Buying face products is a drain of money.

You’re a man. Act like one. You have a skin type akin to men. Invest in certain facial products that won’t cause dryness, rashes, or skin flakes. And while we’re on the business, men’s and women’s products aren’t created equal.

Miracle For Baldness.

No product in the market can just turn you your hair back. The sole thing that seems to have acted so far is a great oil massage that increases blood flow and helps preserve the nutrients your hair need. 

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser.

On every other day of the year, oily skinned men need moisturizers the most. Dry skin produces oil to stay hydrated. Choose a lightweight moisturizer. It’ll lock in natural moisture without setting the sebum-producing glands into overdrive.