Madagascar Travel Guide: Experiences to Get You Started


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of travelling to Madagascar? For most, lemurs and verse (or two or three) of “I like to Move It, Move It!” from King Julien, the ring-tailed lemur star of Madagascar, the movie. The name always held mystery, something of National Geographic documentaries. With this experiential guide to travelling the place, we aim to give you an idea of what you’ll see and what to seek out.

If you consider yourself a daredevil, then diving with the whale sharks in the deep blue waters of Nosy Be will pique your interest. Madagascan Reefs are among the rare places on earth where you will get to swim along with the whale sharks, manta rays, and stingrays.

If you have never seen a whale spouting in the sea, you wouldn’t know what a beautiful thing it is to witness. It is counted among the fantastic things to do in Madagascar. Embark on the boat to see the humpback whales who migrate from the South Pole to Sainte Marie channels for breeding and calving.

Thanks to the long coastline of Madagascar Island, it has numerous drop-dead gorgeous islands under its hat. If you want to have the best of this tropical paradise, one of the best things to do in Madagascar is island hopping. Not only you get to enjoy the pristine views of the islands but also get a closer look at the Malagasy culture.

Madagascar is blessed with a bountiful variety of flora and fauna. Many of the species of animals and birds are found nowhere else but here. This explains the numerous wildlife parks and reserves on the island, which reveal the most unique and rare wildlife on the earth.

If you thought there was no scope of having a paragliding adventure in Madagascar, you couldn’t be more wrong. The granite cliffs of Tsaranoro near Andonaka Village in Madagascar pose an excellent site for paragliding. The moment you look down the gorgeous valley below, you realize that jumping off the Tsaranoro cliff was the best decision of your life.