Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil Review


For me losing my hair is like losing a part of my identity. A woman tries her best to keep her hair as healthy as possible, but when the environment and water do not support what one can do? I was losing my hair in chunks; I thought there was something wrong with me. My mother advised me to use onion oil to tackle the situation. After asking around, I decided to buy the Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil.

The Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil comes in a plastic bottle of 250 ml, which will last about two months. I have been using the oil for a month, and the bottle is half full. I use the oil twice a month at night. I take a coin-sized amount of the oil and massage my scalp for ten minutes with it; I also spread it from tip to roots. I let the oil be absorbed overnight and shampoo my hair in the morning.

I could see the difference after two weeks only. There are many natural ingredients in the Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil. Onion, sesame, bringhraj, coconut, tea tree, almond, argan, amla, and olive are the main ingredients. All of these ingredients allow proper blood flow in my scalp, resulting in hair growth, strength, and hydration.

The Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil is free from any harsh chemicals like paraben, and sulphates. The Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil is cruelty-free and is made from natural ingredients. I loved the results; I think if you are facing hair fall, even if you are man, you should try it.