Luther: An Extraordinary Detective Show


DCI Luther is a big man with a big walk; he wears the same clothes every day to work. His expertise is catching Serial Killers; he does so by stepping into their shoes, which is disturbing enough, to begin with.

His life is a tale of mysteries, questionable behavior, disturbing notions, but he is a true hero cop. Not everyone agrees with Luthor’s life choices and even his tone, but when he gets things done like no one else, he earns his freedom of being a deranged lunatic and a genius detective.

Luther has a stalker, Alice Morgan. She could kill for him, and sometimes she does. She sees a reflection of herself in DCI John Luther. His violent nature, his obsession with his job, and his messed up personal life reminds her of a mirror.

Do you want to catch a pair of psychopath twins who are keeping score of murdering people with a sledgehammer? You go ahead and call DCI Luther. Luther is an expert in catching the worst of men because he can think like them. The only difference is that he fights for the good of humanity.

John Luther is a monster that takes down the other beast to keep the innocents safe. Luther is a show, unlike any other detective series, it is even different than Sherlock. Sherlock is an extraordinary man who does extraordinary things; on the other hand, Luther is an ordinary man who does extraordinary things.

The storyline of Luther is unique, and if you are looking for something dark and gritty, Luther should be the number one choice of yours.