Low-Calorie Juices For Quick Weight Loss


Winter, for me, is the perfect season for weight loss because you have so many options for dieting you will never get bored by eating healthy foods. The availability of various vegetables and abundance of fruits makes it the perfect season for having low-calorie juices. My personal preferences are vegetables and fruit juices for their fiber content, which I could easily make at home and have belly fat in check too.

We all know carrot is fiber-rich, and its advantages reach from healthy digestion to weight loss, and to add furthermore, they are also suitable for our skin and nails. Therefore, adding a carrot to the diet regime will come with numerous benefits and also accelerate your weight loss program.

Beetroot is vegetable available all 12 months, and just a few gms of beetroot contain 0.2 gms fat, 100 gms fiber, 43 calories, and 325 gms of potassium. This vegetable is my go-to breakfast, I usually intake this in breakfast, but it is suitable for lunch and supper too. If you’re an athlete and suffering from low BP, I honestly recommend this super vegetable because it will reduce your sodium contains drastically.

Amla juice is preferred to punch-break your day as it stimulates your metabolism and controls your digestive process on course throughout the period. Faster the metabolism, the burning of fat will be faster. I recommend consuming amla juice first item in the morning with a dip of honey to encourage your weight loss.