L’Oreal Barber Club Combo For Men Review


Today, beards for men are as precious as their life. The bread trend encouraged by celebrities has spread like wildfire. The looks that are trending today need grooming and care. For which I wanted to choose the most effective products, no matter the price I had to pay.

While searching online, I stumbled upon the L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club, Beard + Face + Hair, 3-In-1 Wash, with Short Beard and Face Moisturiser. L’Oreal is a trusted brand among people, so I bought the set, And this was my experience.

I apply the Beard+Face+Hair wash right in the shower, I squeeze out the gel in my palms, spread it on my face and beard, then I rinse it. When I am done, I wash my face. The Beard+Face+Hair is free from paraben and is a cruelty-free product. The Beard+Face+ Hair is enriched with essential oil, which nourishes both my skin and beard.

The moisturizer should be used in small quantity after the shower. Apply only two to three drops on your beard and face and massage; it is enough. I have gotten amazing results by using both the products, and if you want to maintain a stylish beard with proper nourishment, I strongly recommend these set of products from L’Oreal.