Lizzie McGuire Revival Production Shuts Down After Shooting Just Two Episodes


Lizzie McGuire was the heartbeat of Disney channel for the year it aired. Teenagers, no matter a guy or a girl, we watched and discussed the day of Lizzie McGuire together. Fans like us were pretty excited about seeing Hilary and Gordo again on the screen. It feels comforting to re-live the days of our teenage years.

A few pictures were shared by Hilary on her social media handles right before the production began. The dream became real for us, until last night when it was officially declared by Disney the production of Lizzie McGuire revival season has been shut down because the creator of the show quit. The exact reasons were not explained but the show, but it was said that the show will be made under a new lens. What I perceived from the statement that the old magic of the show is no longer alive.

Creative differences among the cast, the production team, and the studio kills the vibe of any show or a movie. Such incidents are always bad news, most of the time the production never resumes. Wo love Lizzie McGuire and the studio knows that, I hope that the studio will find someone soon the lead the production.

To take positives from this incident, we would have hated it if the new season was to be terrible. If it’s good for the show, I am on board with the changes. We can wait a little longer, but we would hate it if they were to ruin the show we loved.