Live Away From Home? Here’s How You Can Celebrate Diwali


Well, it’s never interesting to be away from home on Diwali. I have been through such phases. Almost for two years, I couldn’t reach my home because of studies and the job. And, as we know this celebration is special and family and home are the most significant elements for this feast. The terms are enough to lighten up anyone’s festive mood, be it the cleaning home, or the setting up of lights, or the savories. Sometimes, even though, we can’t competent to visit home. Well, I did these things last time when I wasn’t home; you can do them too.

I call in my dear friends and colleagues who are spending Diwali alone and have a short get together of sorts. Great food and party are sufficient to add lots of pleasure to the feast!

The worst foes of Diwali are isolation and subdue! The lack of noise, constant chatter, loud laugh, and cherished ones’ voices might just shoot you on a deep nostalgic trip! For me playing some strong music to act up for the absence of their echoes! Works perfectly.

Still, for most of us, formalities are an effective expression of the house. Mine was to have Lakshmi Puja on Diwali night. The clan would all converge at 9 PM and sing bhajan in our family puja room. This Diwali away from home, decide to adopt some of those just for fun and to enjoy all religious and grown-up!

Food makes festivals. So how can this feast be without some food? Bring on delicious Veg snacks and have the traditional Meetha in the construct of Kheer or Gulab Jamun.

And, the best bit about being away was playing poker with my friends. It contributes to an understanding of closeness and relates back to the classic factors of Diwali celebrations. Teen Patti is one of my favored games, and it is promising to play on Diwali itself, as it is considered to produce luck and wealth!