Liquid Eyeliner Blunders That You Keep Making


We are in 2020, sis, and there is no excuse now to not learn how to wing that eyeliner. Your eyeliner speaks volumes about how the rest of the make up the mood is gonna be like, and it is important that you try to perfect it in the first try—given you don’t plan to spend the rest of the morning running for cotton rubs and cleansing milk.

For a perfect eyeliner, here are some things that you must keep in mind:

#1 You are tugging your skin while applying the liner

While movies suggest a distant pull to your skin, you actually don’t have to pull your skin while applying the liner. The pull in the skin also pulls the liner, which later bumps back in: creating bumps in the liner too and misdefining its edge. Instead, just let your eye stick to its original shape and use that as a frame for your liner.

#2 You are using the wrong type of liquid liner

You have to be really careful when choosing the liner for yourself. A decent liner is one that doesn’t melt but is creamy enough to glide. It should be long-lasting, but shouldn’t crack up with the hours.

#3 You are looking directly at the mirror

If you look straight into the mirror, you can create a gap between your lash line and liner. The best way is to look down the mirror while applying for a perfect “non-crease” liner.

#4 You are not using tools such as tape or brushes

There is no shame in using tools such as a tape or a brush to give your liner a definition. While using tape or liner, make sure to align them with your nose, all the way up to your brow’s end.

It’s time to rock the room with your perfect eye liner.

Take care!