Light & Fluffy Healthy Protein Pancakes


I am huge a fan of pancakes! For me, a large stack of fluffy pancakes, dressed by slowly melting butter and dripping with maple syrup is a dream meal. Now that I adhere to a diet regime regularly, I can’t indulge in pancake ventures every time. But in present times you can create a healthy adaptation of anything which will qualify in your dieting program. Here I will present my favourite versions Of Protein Overdose pancakes which will continuously keep you in control.

Yoghurt Pancake

Yoghurt Pancakes don’t have the same flexibility of a traditional pancake with flour, but they are equally remarkable in their good! Top them with some honey and yoghurt and colourful fruit for the full breakfast. These Pancakes don’t have the same texture of a traditional pancake, but they taste equally excellent in their own right!

Banana Oatmeal

Inspired by this  3-ingredient recipe, I came up with an active protein-packed recipe for enough efficiency in the morning. So I added a mixture of oats to a solution of banana, cinnamon and egg, and Voila, this oatmeal and banana pancakes were created. And you can use gluten-free if you need for them to be gluten-free oats.

Sweet Potato

I cook these Sweet Potato Pancakes in a food processor with protein-rich ingredients like cottage cheese (paneer) and eggs. No protein powder needed, and they represent an excellent breakfast or post-workout meal.  This is a protein-packed food that demands no protein powder.


I cannot justify to you how incredible these strawberry protein pancakes are. This fresh strawberry cheesecake with layered protein pancakes are gluten-free, cheap in fat and loaded with high-quality dairy protein.