Lie To Me: A Show That Will Turn You Into A Lie Detector


Many of us are oblivious to the knowledge of the show “Lie to me.” I have never seen such a unique approach to crime investigation shows. It was a heartbreak for me as a fan that the show was canceled after three seasons.

The show is about Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his team, who assists the FBI and local police to solve crimes through applied psychology. Dr. Lightmen is a body language expert who observes microexpressions (Expressions which last less then a second) on a suspect’s face to accurately predict if they are telling the truth or lying. Dr. Lightman’s approach until now has been infallible.

Apart from Dr. Lightman, Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams) is an expert at analyzing voice patterns, behavior, and language of suspects. She separates honest responses from fabricated ones. The show becomes so much more than just a crime investigation drama. It challenges the very foundation forensic investigation.

Executed through masterful cinematography, which enlightens the audience to understand human psychology and behavior patterns that not only criminals exude, but what they hide. These approaches are so genius that if you watch the show closely, you will become somewhat of a dilettante expert in detecting lies. The explanation of theories with practical examples is identical to a fascinating documentary. If you are looking for entertainment along with a trove of knowledge, “Lie to Me” is the show for you.