Let’s Talk About The Cutest Mandalorian Character We’re Not Supposed To Talk About


If you have not watched The Mandalorian’s first two episodes, please look away, this is a spoiler warning read ahead on your own risk. All the Star Wars fans are going Gaga over the Mandalorian and the big twist of the baby Yoda (We don’t know its name, but that’s what we are calling him/her). The cuteness of baby Yoda is stealing hearts all over, and we may finally get to know more about the species of Yoda as it was kept a total mystery by George Lucas and the other writers of Star Wars.

The first two episodes have created a worldwide buzz, and we are looking forward to every Friday for the next episode to be released. Although the episodes are of short length, they are amazing. They are carrying the real legacy of the Star Wars franchise forward. The baby Yoda is said to be fifty years old, and now we know that Yoda’s species age very differently than any other.

We were expecting the force to be strong with the baby as he tried to heal the Mandalorian’s wound. Then in the big hairy Rhino scene, baby Yoda saved the life of the Mandalorian with the help of the force. Baby Yoda got so exhausted after lifting that damn creature up that he/she fell asleep right away.

There is a lot to be explored in the Mandalorian. We don’t know the whereabouts of baby Yoda’s parents, and who wanted it dead? And mostly who ordered the bounty that baby Yoda is to be delivered alive? As the show goes on we will get to know more and more little by little. I have spoken.