Learning The Secret Of No Makeup Look From Beauty Pageants Winners


The no-makeup look has been going viral these days amongst celebrities and beauty pageant winners. A no-makeup look doesn’t imply the absence of any kind of makeup, but a very light and smooth make up that blends in your skin so well, that it feels like you have no makeup on. In this article, we would be talking about how these beauty pageant winners go about this no-makeup look and carry it so well. This subtle makeup not only gives them a natural look but also makes them feel light, fresh and confident.

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Concerned about those under-eye circles?

Jessica Victoria Johnson, first runner-up at Miss Wisconsin 2015 says that for natural makeup, you need to focus on your under-eye circles and cover them slightly with concealer. Since a no-makeup look is extremely light, your blemishes, under-eye circles and wrinkles are most likely to be seen clearly. The best way could be to take a good long nap before your big day.

Thought about Dewy makeup?

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Miss New Mexico 1994, Jill Foley is of the opinion that foundation sometimes adds too much to your no-makeup look. Also, when we are ageing, so much foundation with wrinkles would be extremely ugly to look at. Hence Jill recommends using a BB crème which gives an even tone and light skin.

Makeup brushes for self-tan

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Miss Ohio 2017 Alice Magoto has been talking about using the brush more to give a self-tan look. This doesn’t require a heavy foundation and at the same time mixes your makeup well with a dark shade contour to give a tan look. This maintains a natural look and a classy one at the same time.

Learning the best

Not just celebrities and media personalities, but also the grand beauty pageant winners go for the no-makeup look. This trend has been there for a very long time and has still occupied the market. A smooth natural look with minimal makeup is the key to this look.