Leading Artisanal Coffee Brands of India You Would Love To Try


To separate Indians from their beloved chai would be monumental. Between chai and coffee, there is no obvious winner, but when it appears to coffee, India has been lacking their own outlook. Truth be told, many of us cannot imagine existence without coffee. I can claim that we are bored with household instant coffees brands like Nescafé or Brû. India possesses a vibrant heritage of locally grown coffee, of which 16 variants produced in 13 different regions. From Arabica beans to locally produced, I have gathered some of the finest local artisanal coffee brands in India, which will surely energize your morning cuppa!

1) Blue Tokai 

Blue Tokai started back in the year 2013, producing exclusively handpicked high-quality freshly roasted coffee from farms around the region to your doorstep it has collections of coffee from over ten states of India. To be impartial, I consider this is the best artisanal brand of coffee available in India.

2) The Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel is a credible brand which yields high-quality coffee beans grounded to individual feels. Started in 2013 today, it is one of the leading online coffee brands in India. They grow most of the coffee in Coorg (Karnataka). Saying from my experience, Flying Squirrel Coffee Beans 6 pack is excellent for scrutinizing the finest that this brand has to provide.

3) The Indian Bean

The Indian Bean, as the name indicates, was exclusively created to encourage and extend access to exceptional quality Indian coffee. You can seek the Bello blend for a splendid cup or the Melnad blend for a savour of South Indian coffee.

4) Seven Beans

Seven Beans Coffee Company is a project between Italian and Indian coffee farms that proposes to serve the best coffee beans to its consumers. The company grows its coffee on individually owned coffee estates in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka and provides seven unique Arabica and Robusta blends. From their indigenous variants like the full-bodied Urja to the delicate Mishta, Seven Beans has something for everybody.