Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturizer: Is This The Perfect Defense Against UV Rays?


The sun is becoming crueler every day now. Its harmful UV rays are damaging our skin not only in the scorching heat of the summer; but in all the seasons. If we don’t protect our skin with external help like sunscreen lotion, it can get worse for us than just a tan.

Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturizer SPF 24 PA Sunscreen Lotion has given me both protection from the harmful UV rays and nourishment to my skin. When I apply the lotion, I am good for about twelve hours. My skin feels fresh, soft, and hydrated.

The moisturizer now comes in a new compact packing in which I can squeeze out the liquid quickly. It dissolves right away on my skin when I apply it, which is a sign of the right product.

The peach milk present in the moisturizer soothes my skin, and its fragrance is like a mild perfume. I am using the moisturizer every day now, and my skin does not get any tan when I am outside.

Lakmé is a trusted brand, and I can personally vouch for the quality of Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturizer SPF 24 PA Sunscreen Lotion will defend and nourish your skin.