Kolhapur: From Footwear To The Path Of Cuisine And Folklore Of Marathi Culture


Being one of the most multi-dimensional cities in Maharashtra Kolhapur is an amalgam of ancient customs and contemporary culture.T his city has been named after the monster called Kolhasur. The place is renowned for its various produces and one of them being the world-famous Kolhapuri chappals, apart from that city possesses something or alternative for all type of visitors. So the thought was to devise the list which brings most of Kolhapur.

Fervent Spicy Cuisine

Kolhapur is a foodie paradise being worlds distinguished for its taste and traditional delicacies. Though it is being misinterpreted as very spicy food worldwide, it is less spicy. The exclusive taste is because of the use of typical Kolhapuri spices mixtures. My most favourite being Kolhapuri Misal, Bhel, and non-veg curries, I can travel back to Kolhapur again to savour this excellent food.


There is a prevalent understanding that wrestlers or pehlwans hail from parts of Haryana, it was Kolhapur that was formerly honoured for having the burliest men with the teeniest of loincloths. The city also hosts the biggest wrestling stadium in India, known as Khasbag Maidan. Being a fan of this traditional sport, I would never miss the Grand grandeur of Dangal, which this city brings with the essence of history and culture around it.


As an ardent film devotee, I never miss the masterpieces of the Marathi cinema. The city is deemed the birthplace of Indian cinema. In history, Kolhapur was the cradle of early Indian cinema. Marathi Film Industry is the oldest film industry in India. Kolhapur natives Baburao Painter & Anandrao Painter were the leading innovators and trailblazers. This city till date is a leading regional shooting centre of Marathi cinema.

Apart from this, you have a wonderful city with antique architecture, folklore, wars, the kings, Kolhapuri Mardani Khel. The socio-political situations during the olden days have ever captured my mind. So apart from familiar elements, a place can ever maintain some unique heartfelt experiences.