Knives Out Sequel In Development


For those who have not seen Knives out, do it ASAP, you are missing on something entertaining and engrossing. The Whodunnit genre (A story in which a murder mystery takes place) is challenging work, to begin with, but Rian Johnson is a seasoned writer and director. Knives out took the genre to a whole new level. Daniel Craig’s performance as Benoit Blanc was the strongest aspect of the film. Daniel is the only actor who can shed his James Bond image with his every film, he swims into any story with a strong body language and an even better accent.

Knives out made a great profit and was loved by both critics and audience. The budget of the movie was $40 million and it made a box office collection of more than $250 million. Daniel Craig said he loved filming Knives out and would love to do a sequel to play Benoit Blanc again. Rian Johnson is currently involved in developing a new Star Wars trilogy as the Skywalker Saga has been concluded, but it will take some time to develop, if he has the idea for a sequel, he can work on it first.

Rian is equally excited to pen another murder mystery, he has laid some good foundations with the characters of Knives out, and as a fan, I would love to see another unpredictable movie with Daniel Craig in it. I wonder if some characters would make a cameo in the sequel. Ana De Armas as Marta Cabrera was a particularly favourite character of mine.