Kickass Tips To Apply Under Eye Concealer


You love concealer. I love concealers. We all love concealer.

As someone who literally can’t leave the house without concealer, I sure have picked some tricks over the years. And I am here to share those with you.

Tip #1: Pick the perfect shade for you.

It is the first, and perhaps the most important step. You can’t ride a horse that doesn’t like your bottom. And that’s why you must buy it offline via a store.

Tip #2: Find the right coverage for you

Coverage is a crucial factor to consider, as every concealer has a different kind. The choice is between cream and liquid concealers. Liquid concealers have heavy-duty coverage and cream concealers have the benefit of longevity.

Tip #3: Apply generous amount of concealer under your eye

Apply product in a triangle shape and drag your concealer up towards the tail end of the brow, this will help in sculpting your eyes.

Tip #4: Invest in a beauty blender

Yeah. You really need a good blender. This is a mistake I made for a really long time. The best option right now would be to surf Nykaa.

Tip #5 Powder the concealed part of your eye with a loose powder.

To set your eye perfectly, apply a thin coat of powder. This fills up the area and reduces the chances of creasing.

Hope this helped. Toodles for now.