Khadi Rose & Papaya Face Scrub Review


I came across this product while looking for a face scrub which offers papaya goodness. Papaya provides a lot of skin benefits: it helps in moisturizing the skin, clears out blemishes and pigmentation, reduces the signs of ageing and under-eye circles, removes tan and also controls acne breakout. The Khadi Rose And Papaya Face Scrub contain both the ingredients and now, let’s see how the product fared.

The product consistency is mid-way thick and thin; it is of a very creamy texture. The exfoliators are more extensive compared to exfoliators found in other face scrubs.

The first time I used the product, as an amateur with the product, applied half a finger of the product on the face and realized that the product lasts quite some time. The smell of the product is like that of herbal gulal mixed in rose water. Love the smell of it.

The packing is effortless, like all Khadi products. The cap comes off easily and goes on easily. You will lose quite an amount of your scrub and end up with goop on where you had left it.

I like the scrubs that gives the skin the right amount of shedding. After scrubbing, my skin felt extremely clean, soft and supple. The best part is that this scrub doesn’t dry out the skin slightly moisturize it.

Khadi Rose & Papaya Face Scrub is effective in removing impurities, dirt and excess oil from the pores and makes the skin look clean and fresh. Moreover, it brightens up the face. I loved the complete experience and would recommend buying this scrub.