Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer Review


I have a unisexual salon. I keep changing the brands of my products that my customers don’t like; I also change them when I don’t find them productive. Recently two of my hair trimmers broke down; They were not old, so it bugged me.

I wanted to buy a trimmer that would last long and can be used on both male and female customers of mine. I found the Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer, it had good online reviews, so I decided to buy one.

The Kemei KM-27C hair trimer came with a few accessories. A charging cord, several adjustable blades, A cleaning brush. The cardboard packaging was simple but robust. The size of the trimer is travel-friendly; I have a home appointment. I can take the trimmer with me.

The adjustable blades make it quite easy to clean also. All the adjustable combs that came along with it made my work more comfortable as I worked less with scissors. The battery life is heavy; it can work for hours on a full charge.

I am planning to buy another one of Kemei KM-27C Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer. It is an excellent product for professionals. If you have a salon too, you should try it.