Kebabs, Bread, and Chimneys: Turkish Food Experience


Turkish food experience if furnished with an amalgam of distinction, deliciousness, surprise, and most important familiarity. Roaming around the streets of Istanbul scouting out bars and joints is a perfect frenzy for foodie inside me. I glanced forward to every meal with equal zeal, from brunch to supper after long peaceful periods of hiking.

When I think of Turkish cuisine, it is a fairytale chimney of Cappadocia fuming and fresh bread soaked in mint type chutney called Hydaari. The initial piece I sought was Turkish “pizza” with pita bread, or pide, like the crust. Turkish pita bread can be plump, oval, or boat-tailored, with two sharp ends with filling roasted meat frequently.

Middle eastern food is deficient without kebabs and my particular favorite being doner kebabs. It is one of the most important street foods in turkey and believe me, it savors so well and you won’t regret trying it.

In Turkish cuisine, breakfast generally consists of a collection of bread, fruits, cheese, dips, olives, cold cuts, salads, eggs, jam, sausages, and honey. Fresh Mediterranean ingredients and the lavish spread means breakfast would virtually invariably be a slow, considerate and relaxed affair. 

The dish most astonished me was bulgur pilaf, cooked in fragrant spices, that characterizes a lot of kebab and meat foods. To be sincere, I picked it over rice pilaf and it was a feature for me, starting the smoothest of dishes special.