Kaya Clinic Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 30 Review


I live in a city, which has a beach, so the sun is always blessing us with bright sunlight and tanned skin. My natural complexion is white, and I didn’t like the tan so much. I use sunscreens daily, and I keep changing them in three to four months. In the summer, it gets scorching hot, so I switched my sunscreen to Kaya Clinic daily use sunscreen SPF 30.

The Kaya Clinic daily use sunscreen came in a tube which was easy to carry to my office also, just in case I needed to wash my face in the middle of the day. I take a coin size amount of the sunscreen and spread it evenly on my face and neck. In just a matter of weeks, my skin tan was lightened, my skin felt refreshed and my natural skin tone was restored.

My skin is oily and sensitive, the best thing about the Kaya Clinic daily use sunscreen was that it blends in with your skin and makes it look normal. No one can tell if you are wearing sunscreen. The PA++++ shield of Kaya Clinic daily use sunscreen saves our skin by protecting it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Skin tan is the self-destruction of our skin to protect itself from the UV rays of the sun. I am not a fan of tan.

If you are looking for a non-greasy daily use sunscreen, Kaya Clinic sunscreen is the ultimate product for you. It will suit you best if you have oily skin. The Niacinamide in the cream is another active ingredient which removes skin tan.