Joker’s Girlfriend Harley Quinn Gets Her Own TV Show And We Are Excited!


The world of superheroes has always inspired people across all ages, but what makes these characters superheroes in the first place? Yes, their principles and powers are all a part of it but it’s the villainous beings that truly help them showcase their talent to protect. Batman would be nothing without Joker, similarly, power-puff girls won’t be anything without Mojojo. 

Okay, maybe that example didn’t need to be written about. But people, I have good news! DC Universe that is about to stream various shows from its catalog, recently announced that the much amusing villain and Joker’s ex-girlfriend Harley Quinn will be getting a show to herself! Isn’t that exciting? The much-awaited animated original was first announced in 2017 and only recently was confirmed once again at that New York Comic Con! God, I need to visit one of those! 

Harley Quinn the villainess will find its voice in Kaley Coco. Now, that would be interesting to watch. She surely entered the DC universe with a Big Bang (geddit?) If the trailer that was released over the summer is an indicator of what is in store for fans, then we are in for a big treat. Many characters will be making a pit-stop, right from Joker to Poison Ivy and of course, Batman.

You must be scratching your head wondering when will the world finally watch the series, well, the show’s executive producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker have promised a premiere for the 29th of November 2019. It will be on DC Universe’s untitled streaming service. 

I think it is wonderful that just like our heroes, we have the villains have titular shows to themselves. They deserve every bit of it and I am sure it will be a resounding success, because after all a little bit of crazy never hurt anyone, right?