Apart from being the best film of the year, Joker has crossed the $1 Billion mark in the theatres. It’s DC’s fourth movie to achieve the feat behind The Dark Knight, Aquaman, and The Dark Knight Rises and is expected to make a $600 Million in profit. The power of the people has spoken. Now, as the Oscar season has arrived, I am eager to know how many nominations will the movie get?

I bet it will be no less than eight nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Actor In A leading Role, and Best Costume, Best Makeup, and Best Background Score. I am positive that Juaquin Phoenix will bag his Oscar as Joker, and Todd Phillips will win for Direction.

It means a lot when a movie about mental health crisis makes such huge sum of money. We have to thank Christopher Nolan and the late Heath Ledger for making the character so iconic that the whole world followed him like a cult. By creating an unprecedented origin story, Todd Phillips has proved that his true potential polished with time.

If I talk about Juaquin Phoenix, some men are fit to play some roles; some men are born to play a role. Phoenix fits in the latter. Warner movies are known for their content and a darker setting compared to their Marvel rivals. I would like to see how far the Joker collection goes, but yes, they have already made their statement, good cinema always wins.