Steve Jobs, a Brilliant Biopic and Remarkable Performances


Danny Boyle is a film director who brings out a new side to himself with every movie. He has made cult horror films like 28 days later to movies like Slumdog Millionaire. Trainspotting will still be my favorite movie of his, Steve Jobs is my second favorite Danny Boyle production.

Steve Jobs was a complicated man in his personal life, but a genius on the marketing platform. He conquered the world of digital electronics without writing a single line of code. That’s the genius he was. When making a biopic of a genius, it takes talent to portray another. Michael Fassbender’s and Kate Winslet’s Oscar nomination is the living proof of it.

Who would have thought a biopic could be plotted with backstage scenes of product launches. The notions of Steve Jobs, his complicated relationships with loved ones, his compulsion for perfection are brilliantly scripted by Aaron Sorkin (Another Favourite of mine), he won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay.

The pace and urgency in every scene of the movie display the pressure on Steve Jobs as well as the entire Apple team. Kate Winslet has done an exceptional job so has Seth Goldberg as Steve Wozniack. We never knew what Steve Jobs was like behind the stage, and the last biopic movie of hi “Jobs” failed to impress the audience.

Steve Jobs is an inspiring movie which teaches us about how to create cultures, and life is not easy even for the richest of the people on the planet.