Joaquin Phoenix Becomes The First Person To Win An Oscar For Best Actor For A Superhero Movie


“Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.” – River Phoenix

Joker was a profound film, it moved me and it changed me. It had the most number of nominations at the Oscars, but due to Parasite’s deserving win, Joker had to settle with two awards. Not a single soul had a doubt upon the Best Actor winner, Joaquin Phoenix has paid his dues and tonight was his night to shine. He gave an illuminating and emotional speech, he was selfless and humble on winning his inevitable award.

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His speech was reflected in his deep anguish of the issues we are facing collectively. He was retrospective, introspective, and he stood for a larger cause than himself. He took the opportunity to invoke a change among people when he knew the world was listening to him. Climate change, gender inequality, racism, and animal cruelty; all of the issues that can be the difference between life and extinction of humanity were brought up in a graphic and sentimental way.

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I’ve seen Joaquin being nominated over the years, but this year was different, he had a vibe of solidarity for humanity. He admitted that he was selfish and difficult to work with, yet people gave him second changes, such words set an example for the human race. Even when you are at the top of the world, you must be aware that you are still a part of this world.

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To conclude his speech he teared up remembering his late brother River Phoenix, he quoted River’s inspirational lyric, “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow,” such beautiful words to inspire this cold world to be more empathetic. River and Heath would be so proud of Joaquin if they were alive today, it makes me both sad and happy today that Joaquin is honouring two legends by keeping their legacies alive.