Jatayu Nature Park, A Symbol of Protection of Women


If you are not familiar with the name Jatayu, let me tell you about him. He holds a sacred value in the epic script of Ramayan. When Ravan, the king of Lanka, and the most knowledgeable man on the planet was abducting Sita, the great bird Jatayu fought Ravana to save her. But unfortunately, Jatayu was an old bird, and he was killed the battle. Since then, Jatayu has been the symbol of protection of women from evil.

Jatayu Nature Park is also known as the Jatayu Earth’s Center. Which is situated in Jatayupur near Chadayamangalam in Kollam district. The Jatayu rock is the largest bird sculpture of the world, and it is situated on an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. It is believed that Jatayu fell in Chadayamangalam only after being defeated by Ravan. The sculpture is constructed on the very rock where Jatayu fell.

The Jatayu Nature Park is designed by a famous film-maker and sculpture Mr Rajiv Aanchal. Apart from the sculpture, the Jatayu National Park has many attractions like adventurous games and museums. There are games like Archery, lazer tag, paintball, rock climbing too.

The beak marks of Jatayu and footprints of Lord Ram

You can witness the beak marks of Jatayu and footprints of Lord Ram at the rock. To reach the Jatayu Nature Park, there is a cable car facility available. You will be awe-inspired after your visit to the beautiful landscape of Jatayu Nature Park.