Its A Bad Idea To Watch Annihilation In The Dead Of The Night


I couldn’t sleep the night I saw the horror movie Annihilation on Netflix. The sights I witnessed in the movie were nothing short of nightmares who came to life and haunted my perception of reality. Annihilation was a unique horror science fiction which Keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Lena’s husband Kane is missing from a year; he returns in a severe medical condition; he is dying. Lena learns that a meteorite landed on Earth and created an anomalous zone called “The Shimmer.” No one knows what lies inside of it, Whoever goes in the Shimmer never comes back, only Kane did.

Lena, along with other female scientists with a military background, decides to enter the simmer and find a cure for Kane. What follows is beyond their wildest imaginations. They witness mutated animals and plants, which is impossible outside the Shimmer.

Slowly they discover what happened to Kane and his team, and what will happen to them if they stay inside the Shimmer. The land is a nightmare and will consume everyone inside it and create something new out of them, something parasitic which will do anything for survival.

The movie is action-packed and full of terrifying moments. The disturbing visuals are a whole different new of scary. I cannot say whether the beginning is more disturbing, or the middle, or the end. You need to decide that for yourself. But it is not a good idea to watch the film in the dark.