Is Zagreb Worth Visiting?


I can look at you linger over a map, pursuing a wish-route that’ll drive you unforgettable. Next, your mouth waters as you learn about wines and spaghetti in truffle sauces. Finally, your mind flies to imagine yourself exploring Dalmatian towns. And there’s just one question before anticipations turn into itinerary why visit Zagreb.

The rasping noise of Zagreb blue trams adds a character of the old world appeal to the city’s measured pace. Riding a crowded carriage will lend you a flavor of the resident life. But you can just as well seek the famous center on foot.

Most of its appeals are condensed close. Zagreb Upper Town holds most public interests, and if you would walk it, you can see all within a couple of minutes. I favor this if you haven’t brought the time to delve into, but Zagreb Upper Town has some truly Unique Gems.

Unlike most European metropolises, Zagreb’s landscape is a delightful blend of classic Austro-Hungarian style and gritty socialist formations. Some of the capital’s most typical buildings consist of the archetypal, the roof of St Mark’s, and the twin steeples of Zagreb Cathedral above the Croatian capital.

Fish restaurants up a roar with staple caught the same period — whiffs of filo pastry or kebab traveling from street restaurants. And meat dishes wait at arch-brick dining areas. Eating in Zagreb has never been so lively and so comfortable on your wallet.