Is There A Sudden Rise Of Extremist Culture In India Pertaining To Religion?


The recent protest on CAA and NRC has made one thing clear. India is on the brink of losing its unity amid diversity. The leaders of our nation have a past of being accused as anti-minority. Social media is full of ill-informed people who are brainwashed by fake news, thinking everything hateful they hear on social media platform is true. These fake news have been nothing but poison for our country.

The end of Article 370, which was needed, the Ram Mandir Verdict, and many similar actions taken by the Government made leaders who do politics of religion and separation very insecure. People listen to their leaders and don’t apply their own analysis of the situation. Most of the people are engaged in their own problems of daily life, they depend on their leaders to guide them as a community. Unfortunately, this situation is always taken advantage of to spread more and more hate.

I agree the government has not been entirely fair. The ideas were always good and execution equally poor. Hate-driven politics is practised by both sides of the leadership. Jingoism is a trend, freedom of speech has become a joke, those who dare to raise the voice to criticize the government are silenced by any means possible. Blind fanaticism from both sides of the coin has been a major issue. We should apply our minds and intelligence that we are not personally harmed by some different religion, but the people who benefit from the hate politics.

Fortunately, I am one of those people who are aware of the fact that all Indians have the heart of gold when it comes to our nation. We just have to see past the hate and peace will be revived. Yes, there is a rise in the extremist culture, but when our eyes will be opened the nation will know communal harmony again.