Is Packaged Fruit Juice As Unhealthy As Sugary Soda?


Fruit juice or even soda is like heaven brought down to your hands on a scorching day. You can feel the cold beverage tracing your oesophagus and settling down in your stomach giving you a big relief. But the question arises, are these drinks anyhow affecting our health? Is that satisfaction worth risking your health?

According to researchers, both Packaged fruit juice and soda contain the same amount of sugar and in turn health risks like weight gain, diabetes, fatty liver disease, tooth decay, and cardiovascular disease. But the problem doesn’t end here. It gets worse. According to a study, people who consume sugar-loaded drinks tend to have higher death risks than those who have their hands up from these sugar bombs. Basically, sugar tends to break down quicker because of less fibre which causes slow digestion and satiation. However, soda and juices are not alike affecting your health in the same way. Though they have the same amount of sugar, still soda obtuse the scale to harm your health regardless of the quantum you intake whereas fruit juices become gnarly only when gobbled in large amounts.

So, when compared, fruit juices are always widely discerned as a healthier option than any drinks which have sugar bombarded in it. Fruit juices step up the scale as it has vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds that are generally absent in soda. But the nutrients tend to degrade with the time that’s why it is advised to drink freshly squeezed juice than preferring packed ones. Regular lap of small amounts of juice proffers an array of health benefits.

So, though fruit juice and soda share risks of affecting your health yet are different from each other. Fruit juice has its own benefits, but packaged juices have their risk.