Is MSG Really Bad For Our Health?


Now, when I was a little kid, my mama used to make a lot of things that contained MSG. For my mother, it was one of the best ingredients in the kitchen. For the uninitiated, MSG stands for monosodium glutamate. It is the ingredient which is found in processed foods to enhance flavors.

But, over the years, it has developed a reputation for causing problems like asthma, headache, and even brain damage. But, for someone like me, it is a tough thing to swallow. I have been eating MSG since forever, and I haven’t faced any such problem.

So, is MSG really bad? Well, if you are some who believes in science, then the answer is no. The whole MSG problem drama began when a man wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1968 regarding MSG’s side effects. Later after research, his claim was proved to be wrong. In 1969, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has classed MSG as safe and this has not changed till this date. has remained so until this day.

Even the European Community’s Scientific Committee For Foods says that you can intake 10 grams of glutamic acid per kilogram of food.

Yes, we can say that consuming MSG would increase the level of glutamic acid in our body. But no study has been able to prove that the rise of glutamic acid in our body can impact us negatively. Though we suggest you intake MSG in a limited form.
The answer to the question if MSG is bad for our health would be ‘NO.’