Is Making An Adaptation Of The Intern A Good Decision By Deepika Padukone?


If you’ve not seen ‘The Intern’ starring Rober De Niro and Anne Hathaway stop reading and watch the movie. Whenever I am feeling down, I have a list of movies to watch, The Intern is third on the list. The first two being Moneyball and The Wolf Of The Wall Street. Yesterday, Deepika Padukone announced on Social Media that her next project is the Indian adaptation of The Intern. I won’t lie, I had a smile on my face.

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The Intern is one of the most positive movies ever. The nonchalance of Robert De Niro transferred energy and poise to the viewers, on the other end Anne Hathaway is the perfect example of grace, elegance, and hard work. I think Deepika Would fit like a glove in this role. However Rishi Kapoor is a good choice, but if Amitabh Bachchan was to play the role, I would go and watch the film first-day first show.

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The Intern has a cult following, people watch this movie again and again. It is a wise move to make an Indian adaptation of the film, much of the scenes and storylines won’t be needed to change. But I hope they add an Indian touch to the movie.

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What I am sure about is that is won’t be a masala movie, it will have its audience, like Millenials and family folks. I won’t share the premise of the film, it would be a huge spoiler. But all I can say, if they make it right, Deepika has another hit film in waiting.